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Consumer information

In accordance with Consumer Code Legislative Decree dated September 6th, 2005, No. 206 with special reference to articles 50 and following of which Title III "Contractual procedures", Heading I "Special contract conclusion procedures", Section II "Remote Contracts"; Legislative Decree No. 205 dated September 6th, 2005 Consumer Code; Legislative Decree No. 70 dated April 9th, 2003 Enactment of Directive (EC) No. 31/2000 concerning Electronic Commerce; Legislative Decree No. 114 dated March 31st, 1998, Amendment of regulations related to Commerce.

Article 1: Identity of the seller

Pollini Retail SPA, with registered office in Italy, Strada Erbosa Uno, 92, 47043 Gatteo FC (Italy), ADEME CODE FR329802_01GAXJ, and working headquarters in Strada Erbosa Uno, 92, 47043 Gatteo FC (Italy) (VAT No. and Tax Code: IT03152860403), is the seller of the products present in the on-line catalogue of the Pollini Online Boutique web site.

Article 2: Essential service characteristics

Pollini Retail SPA solicits purchase proposals for products on Pollini Online Boutique web site. Acceptance of the Customer's order is confirmed by eMail and is subject to availability of the product.

Article 3: Use of the service

Product selection procedure: before you start the purchase procedure you must first select the products you intend to purchase. A "Add to shopping bag" button is evidenced on the form page for each product. To add a product to the "Shopping bag" you must first select the color, then the size (where available) and then click on the "Add to shopping bag" button. This procedure must be repeated for every product you intend to purchase. Clicking on the "Shopping bag" button and then on the "Proceed to purchase" button you start the checkout process.
You access the summary of the the "Shopping bag". In this page you can modify quantity or delete an item or go to its detail page by clicking on its image. Shipping charges are also shown in this page. If you have a promotional code you can enter it in the "Have you got a promotion code?" and then click the button to re-calculate the total. To proceed click the "Checkout" button.
In the following page "Login" you can access the site as a registered customer, or you can register as a new customer. You can also place your order as a guest. Click on the "Login" button to proceed.
The "Addresses" page shows your "Shipping addrees" and let you specify a different "Invoice address" in case you need to receive an invoice for a Person or for a Company. Click on the "Continue" button to proceed.
The "Payment" page proposes several payment options that can be different for any destination country. The Pollini Online Boutique does not store any data about your payment. Click on the "Continue" button to proceed.
The "Confirm" page shows a summary of your data and the payment method you selected. In order to proceed it is necessary to accept the "General sales terms" by clicking on the button. To place your order click on the "Confirm your order" button.

Article 4: Prices

Products are sold at the list prices valid the moment the order is placed by the Customer. Prices for EUROPEN shipments are understood to include VAT and are net of delivery charges calculated the moment the order is placed. Prices for EXTRAEUROPEN shipments are understood to exclude VAT and are net of delivery charges calculated the moment the order is placed. Prices may undergo variations even without prior notice.

Article 5: Right of withdrawal

  • If the Customer is a consumer (viz. a natural person who purchases the goods for purposes that do not relate to his own professional activity, or rather he does not make the purchase specifying, in the order form to Pollini Retail SPA, a VAT No. reference) then in accordance with article 5 of Decree Law 185/1999 he is entitled to withdraw from the purchase contract for any reason whatsoever without the need to give explanations and without any penalty except as specified below.
  • The Customer, to exercise this right, must log in at the website and refer to the “Return Item” section which is in the personal area. Otherwise, it is necessary to fill the following form in and to follow the instructions therein. Once the above-mentioned withdrawal notice has been received the Pollini Retail SPA Customer Service shall promptly inform the Customer of the reception of the request and give instructions for return of the goods which must be received by Pollini Retail SPA within 14 days of the date of authorization. In case of return, the shipping cost, paid by the purchaser, is included in the cost of the return shipment, and thus offset by it, unless otherwise indicated by individual promotions.
  • The right of withdrawal is in any case subject to the following conditions:
    1. the right shall apply only for the entire purchased product;
    2. the goods purchased must be whole and returned in their original package, complete in all their parts (including packaging and documentation (if any), etc...);
    3. in no case shall labels or adhesive tapes be applied directly onto the original product package;
    4. the return shipping charges and duty taxes (when calculated) are to be charged to the Customer;
    5. shipment, until certification that receipt by our warehouse has taken place, is under the entire responsibility of the Customer.

    If the goods are damaged during transportation Pollini Retail SPA shall notify the Customer thereof (within the 5th day of receipt of the goods at its own warehouses) so as to permit the Customer to promptly give notice to the carrier he selected and obtain refund of the value of the goods (if insured). In this case the product will be made available to the Customer for return, simultaneously cancelling the request for withdrawal. Pollini Retail SPA in no way answers for damages or theft/loss of goods returned by uninsured shipments. When the product arrives (at the warehouse), it will be inspected to evaluate any damages or tampering not caused by shipment. Whenever the original packaging and/or packing are damaged, Pollini Retail SPA shall deduct a percentage from the refund, in any case not greater than 10% of the value of the refund, as compensation for restoration costs.

  • Except for any charges for restoring damages caused to the original packing, Pollini Retail SPA shall refund the Customer the full amount that has already been paid, included shipping costs paid for receiving the order, within 14 days of return of the goods, doing so by Bank Transfer. In this latter case the Customer must promptly provide his bank data in order to obtain refund (ABI - CAB Codes - Current Account of the addressee of the invoice), Pollini Retail SPA will refund to the customer all the amount except for the freight charges within 14 days after receipt of the returnet material. The reimboursament will be made by Pollini Retail SPA on the credit card used by the customer.
  • Right of withdrawal is totally cancelled, due to lack of the prerequisite of the wholeness of the goods (packaging and/or its contents), in all those cases where Pollini Retail SPA ascertains that:
    • the original internal packing and/or external packaging are missing;
    • accessory product components are missing (accessories, parts, ...);
    • the product is damaged for causes other than its transport.

When the right of withdrawal is cancelled Pollini Retail SPA shall return the purchased goods to the Customer, charging him for shipping charges.

Purchase made outside the Euro zone will be refunded considering the exchange rate on the day the credit is processed.

Article 6: Claims

All claims must be addressed to:

Pollini Retail SPA
(Pollini Online Boutique Customer Care)
Strada Erbosa Uno, 92
47043 Gatteo FC (Italy)
Customer Care

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