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Imagine a bit of casual-cool Los Angeles vibes, add some French bon-ton femininity and let us magically transport you to a Fantasy World of glamour.
From fresh new hues to statement-making heels, you'll be amazed at the impact well-designed shoes and bags can have on your autumn enchantment.
Fantasise of new fall soirées brighten up by the vibrant colours of luxurious bags: turquoise, red, powder blue and the shimmery velvet of a precious box clutch embellished by sparkling rhinestone, both chic and minimalist.
Enjoy the vintage feel of the brilliance yellow suede pumps with a golden toe or embrace the allure of two-tone tweed ballerinas: an homage to a different type of lifestyle.
Shine on in bronze knee-high boots with hourglass heels or glossy burgundy patent leather V-pumps with bow logo detail.
Slow down perfecting the art of casual channeling your sporty side with sneakers featuring a wave outsole and fur details: chunky, bouncy and unlike anything we have seen before.